Marriage proposals and wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Consigliato da Zankyou

Marriage proposals and wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Consigliato da Zankyou

Organize a marriage proposal

The Amalfi Coast is the land where the union between mountain and sea materializes, where the mountain falls in a clear sea, creating suggestive coves, deep fiords, promontories, caves, natural arches and little pebble beaches.
The intense scents of lemon grove, of vineyards and brooms, together to dried salt, create a vortex of sensorial and unique experience.

To organize a marriage proposal

A marriage proposal is destinated to be remembered forever, even more if organized in a special place with a particular atmosphere.

They say that behind any wedding, there is a beautiful story of marriage proposal.
We want to make it unforgettable.
Together we will create a magical moment in every detail, to guarantee the perfect success of your surprise.
Whether at the seaside, or in the mountain, or in a beautiful European capital, we will make your marriage proposal stunning, according to your needs.

Organizing a wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Getting married on the Amalfi Coast gives you the opportunity to choose one of the beautiful cities of Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Conca dei Marini, Praiano and many others to make your dream come true.
With its beautiful landscapes, its history and culture, it is possible to organize a dream wedding here.

– Location research
– Restaurant research
– Advice on the choice of best suitable location according to your needs
– Accommodation on the spot
– Customer care & organization on the spot
– Management and completion of law practices*
– Round-trip flights (on request)
– Preparations & decorations (on request)
– Celebrant (on request)
– Photo shooting (on request)
– Musical entertainment (on request)

“’The Amalfi Coast is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in the world on a bright winter day, when the sky and the sea are so blue that it’s no possible to recognize them from each other.” (Gore Vidal)

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